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EDITOR: Lynn Hanson. Threshold is place for writers and readers to meet. Review our site and than review other sites and see the advantage of publishing in Threshold. Threshold accepts a dual responsibility. One to our writers and the other, and just as important, to our readers. We have a great format. You work is not just cut and pasted onto a blank page.

As a secondary service we archive all publications. If you lose your database, without guarantee or warranty Threshold will attempt to retrieve your writing and send it to you via E-Mail.

Articles: Threshold is looking for adult themes on issues as old as time and as contemporary as todays news. Threshold wants writing that is thought provoking. Essay, fiction, editorial, all genera.

Review the writing presented in Threshold to gain an insight to the type of articles we would like to receive. Simultaneous or previous publications accepted. Response by our readers to published writings is encouraged.

GRAPHICS: unless graphics are so important to your point of view do not send them. We want good writing to carry the point of view.

Contact: Don't query. Review our pages and send you work. E-Mail

Payment is your publication in Threshold. With publication the author has the option of an E-Mail and one link to a site of author's choice. The link may be to your resume or a commercial site. The author is responsible for all links and e-mail compliance with third parties.

For queries on employment or contract work for authors Threshold encourages business to contact writers via. authors E-Mail published with thier article.

Acquires right to published work in TSEHanson publications: Threshold, Best of Threshold, Threshold Shorts, etc., etc., etc. All other rights remain with author. Article to be published for a min. of one month.

Fees apply to offset time spent on reviewing, putting your writing into Threshold format, loading it onto our ISP site, and archiving submissions onto CD's. Fees begin at $5.00 and are never higher than $25.00

Advice: don't put it off. Mail us you writing today. Please spell check all your work.

Quick Reference:

1. Send us your writing via E-Mail or Snail mail. Our editors will review your work.

2. If accepted Threshold designers will publish your work on Threshold.

3. An E-mail will be sent you with notification of publication.

4. You review your published work.

5. Threshold will send you notifcation of fee.

6. Send your fee to Threshold via snail mail.


TSEHanson - Threshold
PO Box 302
Fulton Md 20759-0302