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NEW The economic prosperity we have experienced during President Clinton's two terms is largely due to President Reagan's economic policy.

We will learn about President Clinton's effect on the economy in the next decade after he has left office. A current president has little effect on the country's economic condition while in office.

Economic policies, in many cases, take years to have an effect and truly bring about change wether positive or negative.

David Brown, North Carolina

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Congratulations to Smith&Wesson, a handgun manufacture. They are working with President Clinton to make owning a gun safer for all citizens. Their hand guns will be sold with child safety locks and they have pledged advanced technology for safe guns in the future.

S&W has taken the high road, but, not without risk. People may elect to purchase their gun from other manufactures who don't follow S&W's fine example. Keep an eye on Colt, Ruger, and others to see if they have the common sense to follow S&W's excellent decision.

Lets watch the NRA. Will it support S&W? Fortunately for us the NRA's influence in the corporation board room is not as invasive as it is in the US Congress.

John Mooney, Washington D.C.


Read article 'American Tragedy'. Ed.

Southeast Asia is a very dangerous place. Twenty five years after the Vietnam war people are being killed and maimed every day by land mines and unexploded munitions.

In Cambodia 90,000 mines and 450,000 unexploded bombs, artillery shells and other ordnance, have been removed. However, it is estimated that 6 million mines and unexploded ordnance remain. Close to 500 have died and another 500 have been wounded in just one province.

Vietnam citizens suffer dioxin poisoning. Agent Orange is responsible for killing or injuring 400,000 people and contributes to 5000,000 birth defects.

Air Force planes sprayed 18 million gallons of Agent Orange over 6 million acres during the war. That is near one seventh of the total land area of Vietnam.

The United States could be a positive force in cleaning up the mess we are party to in creating. Do we have the maturity to do so?

If we accept our responsibility to lend assistance, then we can be proud of something we have done in Southeast Asia. It is the innocent who are being maimed and killed.


The National Rifle Association takes great pride in providing gun safety classes to its members. Why does the NRA refuse to work with legislators to develop Common Sense gun laws?


Read article 'American Tragedy'. Ed.

What's up, near? Good things were happening with the Near spacecraft in orbit around a not so near asteroid. Great pictures, but where is the science? Give us a fact or two.

TalkBack: I would like to see the pictures. And I'd like to know to what good all the spent money is doing.

Lisa Brown, North Carolina

Try NEAR website. Ed.


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